About US

Think One started as a one-man band wanting to enable people with technology.  Not just businesses, but everyone.  Alongside working with larger companies, we quickly attracted some small businesses and personal clients.  Our small businesses needed a kickstart with their IT, and residential customers were interested in what we could do with home automation.  We were off to a great start and a great mix of projects too.

Working on these projects, it was clear that obstacles weren't always 'project' or 'technology' related. It was mindsets and confidence.  A common belief that people couldn't learn or change and would fail.  This was something we believed we could help with.  This was the beginning of our personal coaching.  The positive change we've been able to facilitate in this area has blown us away - breaking habits and building confidence.

As we've grown, we have continued to diversify as well.  2020 saw the start of our property portfolio and property offerings.